Meet Your Agriculture & Natural Resources Agent

I am Kevin Korus, DPH, and the UF/IFAS Extension Alachua County Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent. I am a native of Nebraska where I received all three of my degrees; a Bachelor’s in Horticulture, Master’s in Plant Pathology, and in 2016 the Doctor of Plant Health. I have spent the last four years as the Coordinator of the Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic and an Extension Educator at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. During this time I was able to gain experience with a wide range of agronomic, horticulture, and landscape plants and the insect, disease, and nutrient issues that they faced. I am passionate about diagnosing plant health issues and firmly believe that the correct management plan can only be developed after the correct diagnosis has been made.

I am excited to continue being an advocate of plant health and look forward to addressing the issues that will arise in the wonderfully diverse Agriculure & Natural Resource systems of the great state of Florida.


Kevin Korus, DPH
Agriculture & Natural Resources Agent

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