Livestock FAQs

How do I control prickly pears in pastures?

Prickly pear can quickly spread in pastures. The best control is chemical control using a 20% Remedy plus 80% diesel fuel solution. This should be spot sprayed in areas where prickly pear persists during spring and summer. Control of this plant may take a couple of years depending on the concentration. Re-treat if needed late summer.

I recently purchased some property in the country and plan to fence a pasture for livestock. Where can I get information on appropriate fence material?

You will want to consult the material prepared by Dr. Cindy Sanders, Ph.D., County Extension Director, on fencing.

What type of forage should I grow for my animals?

Generally, the forage grown in Alachua County for cattle and horse grazing is bahiagrass. If you do not overseed the pasture with cool season grass, you will probably need to supplement with hay, and a good place to find hay is the Local producers director (see right column).

Where can I find used agricultural equipment for sale?

Check out the Florida Ag. Bulletin, prepared by the Florida Department of Agriculture, for not only equipment, but livestock, farmland, and farm employment services.

How do I find out about my soil pH and fertilization?

Depending on the forage, bahiagrass recommendations or Bermudagrass. If you are interested in soil sampling, contact Dr. Cindy Sanders, Ph.D., County Extension Director.

My children are interested in raising livestock to show. Where do I find out more information?

For more information check out the 4-H web page and the Alachua County Youth Fair & Livestock Show web page.


Prickly Pears

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