Free Programs Available from the Family and Consumer Science Section of the Alachua County Extension Service.

Dr. Brenda Williams, Family & Consumer Sciences Agent, is available to make presentations at your civic, social or church meetings. There is no fee for these presentations and they can be tailored to fit your timeframe . . . (suggested time of 30-60 minutes each).

Additional topics can be prepared for specific audiences. For information, contact Dr. Brenda Williams by calling 352-955-2402 or e-mail at

Nutrition and Food Safety Programs

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Learn what are the recommended food groups and serving sizes. Any easy way to eat to get optimum nutrients.

Nutritional Labeling is a Consumer's Friend.

Learn how to read and use the information provided on required nutrition labels.

apples in basketNutrition in the News.

The latest on research findings and what they mean to how we eat daily.

Food Safety for Individuals and Groups.

Learn the latest techniques and practices in preparing and serving safe food. You, your family and others are worth it!

Basic Estate Planning

Discusses health care directives, powers of attorney, and wills so consumers are better prepared to talk with an Estate Planning Attorney.

Personal Finance Programs

Important Papers.

What to keep, where to keep it and for how long.

Building a Spending Plan. handful of hundred dollar bills

Establishing a budget in 6 easy steps.

Preparing a Household Inventory.

Ideas on what to include and how to document. Necessary before preparing a net worth statement.

Getting Your Net Worth Down on Paper.

Learn how this document tool will assist you in financial planning.

Planning for Retirement.

Will you have what it takes for your retirement? Planning needs to start now.