Florida Friendly Landscapes

Photographs To View - Before & After

The Before & After examples show the evolution of a lawn to a Florida-Friendly Yard using Florida Friendly Landscaping plants and practices. These photos may help you with ideas and possible changes as you develop a Florida Friendly Landscape.

Sites to Visit

These public places provide examples of Florida Friendly Landscaping. You may visit these sites to help you visualize your own yard.

Extension Office Landscape, 2800 NE 39th Avenue

At the Extension Office, many plant displays show alternatives to lawns. For example, alternative ground covers are growing, giving visitors ideas other than turf to be used in their yards. A variety of plants are grown here, providing viewers the opportunity to observe height, color, and density of mature plants.

Westside Park, 1001 NW 34th Street

Between the two entrances to Westside Park, a sample shows how Florida Friendly Landscaping can work near highways, sidewalks, and parking lots.

Straughn Building, 2142 Shealy Drive

This landscape includes many types of palms, grasses, bushes, and other plants for a Friendly Florida landscape. The signage is exceptional, providing names of plants as well as ideas for water conservation and irrigation. Using a scanner app on your smart phone yields ample plant information.

Colony Park Entrance, NW 16th Avenue, NW 16th Drive

At the entrance to this community, the landscape is Florida Friendly. Here one can view how beautiful the landscape can be in a residential community.