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On-Line Payment System

Welcome to the on-line payment system for the Alachua County Youth Fair & Livestock Show Association, Inc. Our on-line payment system is processed through PayPal and you do not have to have a PayPal Account for this. Once you click the BuyNow button, you will be taken to the PayPal site, then please follow the screens to complete the transaction.

PLEASE READ - Revised Instructions - Paypal has revised their site, so it has a different look and the NOTES section is at the beginning of the transaction.

In the "Notes" sections listed below for eacy category - Sponsorship, Add-On, or Market Animal, please let us know what type of sponsorship you are paying for, or the name of the exhibitor that you are placing an add-on for or purchasing their animal, and the type of animal the exhibitor is showing:  swine, steer, or market goat.

We want to thank you for supporting the youth of the Alachua County Youth Fair & Livestock Show.





Market Animal: